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This project focuses on understanding the interplay between policy instruments intended to govern higher education and research (HER) and the informal rules and processes that have developed for ensuring the quality of the knowledge they produce. We refer to this as the interplay between structural and epistemic governance. An understanding of this relationship is necessary for building sustainable knowledge producing institutions and securing society’s long-term knowledge provision.

The main research question guiding the project is ‘how do policy and the science systems co-produce the conditions for sustainable knowledge provision?'

The research effort will be organized around the following three questions:

  • How are HER policy steering mechanisms enabled, disabled and transformed throughout the HER sector via the academic social system?
  • What are the most significant unintended consequences of HER policy on the HER system? 
  • What types of policy frameworks would be required to meet these challenges?


Seminar: 19 April 2017

The KNOWSCIENCE project group is pleased to welcome Drs. Ruth Mueller and Wolfgang Kaltenbrunner from the Munich Center for Technology in Society, Technical University Munich. Ruth and Wolfgang will share some of the latest findings from their respective research projects with us in a mini workshop on the 19/4 at 13h. Details are available here.

Conference: 7- 9 June 2017

KNOWSCIENCE is co-hosting a session at the Eu-SPRI meeting in Vienna under the title: The impact of STI-policies on the organization and production of knowledgeSee link for details.



Project Leader

Merle Jacob, Professor in Research Policy

Project Assistant

Leila Jabrane