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Grant applications

Information and guidance

This page contains a selection of rules and regulations set by the Department of Business Administration regarding the application process for external grants.

Our research activities are financed by governmental or external grants and all costs have to be fully paid by the department. However, some research is financed by stipends; therefore, this section of information does not apply to these stipends as they are administrated by the individual researchers themselves. Irrespective of this, you should always consult the Head of your subject area, if you are applying for stipend grants. The size of the grant will have an impact on your ability to take on teaching duties.

A crucial issue for the Department is the co-financing of external projects. Our governmental resources, received from the Faculty for research, are limited and it is important to coordinate the application process. The coordination of the application process is also needed in order to synchronize teaching and research planning.

Eligibility – Who can apply for grants?

Eligible applicants are those having a permanent contract of employment or an employment in progress. We can also apply for untitled positions provided the position is fully funded for at least four years, and given that it will be advertised publicly in competition. The Department is always the administrator of grants received.

Before you apply for a grant, you have to inform/discuss your application with the Assistant Head of Department of your subject area in order to synchronize the research project with the planning of teaching.

Approval of applications are made by either the Head of Department or the Director of Research and PhD Programme. The approval of a grant application also involves the approval of co-financing of the project costs in full, if needed. Contributors of grants only approve eligible costs and some of them do not approve overhead-costs for conferences. Therefore, you have to check the terms and conditions of the contributor and also contact the Head of Department or the Director of Research and PhD Programme before you apply. Some contributors require a certificate of approval from the Department for co-funding of indirect costs.