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Caroline was voted the Teacher of the Year

Published: 2017-11-29

Caroline Hellström started studying business administration to understand the language of the market. A language she obviously masters well since she was recently voted the Teacher of the Year at the School of Economics and Management.

Caroline Hellström is a lecturer in financial and management accounting as well as financial analysis at the Department of Business Administration at Lund University School of Economics and Management. For several years she has been among the most appreciated teachers at the School of Economics and Management. This year she was voted as nr. 1 and obtained the important title as the Teacher of the Year.

The student union of the School of Economics and Management, Lundaekonomerna, arranges the voting every year when all 3000 students of the school get the possibility to vote for their most appreciated and best educator. The motivation will be presented during the celebrations at the student union's annual Winter Ball.

Caroline Hellström appreciates the award and that many years of continuous development of both the course content and her role as a teacher has now gained recognition. And she is still fascinated by the subject of business administration.

"It is a meta language and as other languages not only a means of communication but also a grid of perception and a catalyst for behavior. As a business economist, you are well equipped to study, interpret and hopefully understand society", says Caroline.

She wants to encourage prospective students to do themselves justice and take their studies seriously. Not only by studying hard but also by being curious about the subject and context and by asking why, and not just what or how, in the context of studying.

Caroline believes that a good educator must be engaged in every aspect of the teaching situation. She is driven by the search for the ultimate course structure regarding content, teaching and examination and has many development ideas. But the strongest driving force is to raise interest in the subject among the students and to guide individual students in their learning. Or as she summarizes what drives and motivates her:

"It's cool to hear 'Heureka'!"

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Caroline Hellström is teaching in financial and management accounting as well as financial analysis.

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Caroline Hellström

Lecturer in Business Administration
Phone: +46 46 222 78 18