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Entrepreneurship award to Professor Paula Kyrö

Published: 2014-01-13

The European Entrepreneurship Education Award of 100 000 SEK is awarded to Professor Paula Kyrö.

The European Entrepreneurship Education Award of SEK 100.000 is awarded to Professor Paula Kyrö, Aalto University, Finland.

Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship annually awards a person or organization which has significantly contributed to the development of academic entrepreneurship education in Europe.

The Award Committee’s motivation is:

“Professor Paula Kyrö, Aalto University in Finland, is one of the pioneers in entrepreneurship education research. Having a double doctorate in Economics and Education, she has been fundamental as a “boundary spanner” in bridging pedagogy and entrepreneurship not only taking pedagogy to entrepreneurship but also emphasizing that entrepreneurship can be regarded as a pedagogic form. Kyrö has also been expanding our theoretical frameworks on entrepreneurship education by introducing new theories and concepts into the field, such as “conation”, “axiology”, and “praxeology”. In addition to her scientific contributions, Kyrö has for a long time been active in creating an academic community in the field of entrepreneurship education and inspired a lot of PhD students becoming interested in entrepreneurship education research and as entrepreneurship teachers.”

Professor Kyrö will receive the award at the European Entrepreneurship Education Workshop taking place in Lund 24–25 April.

Earlier laureates: Allan Gibb and Alain Fayolle