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Entrepreneurship students in Dragons finals

Published: 2014-03-19

The projects ThreeSixty, Guidie and SoulKlik won in the categories of Trustworthiness, Potential and Retorical ability, during this years finals of 'Dragons at the University'. Our warmest congratulations goes out to the overall winner ThreeSixty, for their idea to turn coffee grounds into briquettes.

In last week's finals of 'Dragons at the University', the big winner ThreeSixty went home with the big bucks. Their project CoffeeBricks builds on research from Lund University and aims at pressing enriched coffee grounds and sawdust together into briquettes for heating/barbequing purposes. Except winning in the category of credibility, they won the audience's prize (and praise), and were also pointed this year's total winner in the finals.

In the category of highest potential, the project Guidie won with their application in Google Glass. Guidie offers personal guided tours in the cities you visit, directly in your glasses.

In the category of rhetorical ability, SoulKlik came out on top. SoulKlik is a mobile application which aims to connect soul mates through scanning personality traits on social media, detecting like-minded people in your vicinity.

PwC who sponsored the competition, handed out 16 000 SEK to the teams. Our warmest congratulations goes to all the winners, and our appreciation to all participants, an engaged audience, and Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship's collaborating partners: VentureLab and Venture Cup Syd. We are very proud of our students!

Read about the competition in Sydsvenskan (2014-03-14) and on Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship's website.