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Five years of entrepreneurship – to be continued

Published: 2017-01-20

Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship has celebrated its five year anniversary. Thanks to yet another donor, the centre can continue with this successful mission.

Trial and error. No universal solutions. But, above all, entrepreneurship will benefit from failures not being punished and stigmatized.

Diamanto Politis was one of the speakers at the celebration of Sten K. Johnson five year anniversary. She is a researcher at the centre and an associate professor at the department of Business Administration and spoke of entrepreneurial learning processes:
“Failing forward means that we can be able to learn from critical setbacks, and move forwards.”

Professor of entrepreneurship and founder of the centre Hans Landström gave a short background to why the centre was created – inaugurated 2012 by the vice chancellor, the donor Sten K. Johnson himseld and a student representative tying a knot, to emphasize that the conditions are created by the academy and the business – together.
“We saw the need of individuals that could commercialize good innovations, and wanted to contribute by educating students with an entrepreneurial mindset,” he said.
“These first five years have resulted in 142 publications, we’ve had 2 655 students, 67 mentors, 23 internship companies and 101 guest lecturers,” said Marie Löwegren, director of Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship.

In order to be able to continue the work that Sten K. Johnson made possible by donating 20 million SEK, the centre happily announced another donation:

“We look forward to more research, more education, more knowledge and ventures”, said Marie Löwegren.

During the afternoon, the guests could also listen to entrepreneur Lena Apler, programme director Joakim Winborg, researchers Craig Mitchell and Caroline Wigren, alumnus Christine Dahlman Jacobsen, and panel talks with alumni Wiebke Lachmann (Probi) and Catrine Rosengren (HD Sydsvenskan), internship company representatives Fabian Skärvad and Anna Andrys (Probi), and Janne Lundqvist (Axis) – led by Yasemin Arhan Modéer. Afterwards, there was opportunity to mingle to the tones of a band led by Christian Tellin playing 3D-printed instruments.