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New insights on Swedish consumer’s attitudes towards digital marketing

Published: 2022-02-17

Does your digital marketing really pay off? As part of an ongoing research project, marketing researchers Burak Tunca and Johan Anselmsson asked 1,000 Swedes about their attitudes towards online ads and marketing in social media, email, and podcasts.

The preliminary findings show, among other things, that the younger the consumer, the more the brands followed on social media. Declining interest is the top factor for losing engagement. In addition, overt marketing, low-quality content, and posting too often are the other reasons why consumers stop following brands on social media. The respondents also say that they open e-mails from brands to look for discounts and campaigns.  Also, podcats seem to be an untapped source with marketing potential.

”Our results show that marketers should not be distracted by all the fancy bells and whistles of digital tools, but instead focus on delivering the core of marketing: informing about new products and campaigns, providing discounts, publishing relevant, high-quality content, and of course avoiding irritating consumers with excessive over-selling online,” says Burak Tunca, Senior lecturer in Digital marketing.

For the benefit of researchers and students

The researchers have started the Linkedin group Lund Digital Marketing Research and Insights to share their findings.

”Consumer attitudes and behaviour is always interesting and important to investigate. But mainly, the statistics on this have an international angle and do not focus on Sweden. We as researchers know that Swedes are far ahead in many respects and therefore we wanted a Swedish version. We believe that students can benefit from this study in their case projects at the School, and also that Swedish marketers can benefit from a Swedish update on consumer attitudes towards digital marketing,” says Johan Anselmsson, Professor of Marketing at LUSEM.

Access the full report as a PDF here (4,1 MB)

To the group on Linkedin

Some conclusions from the report

🎧 Podcast Marketing

✔ Only 9% of consumers say they see too many ads on podcasts (56% for YouTube for comparison).
🚀 18% say they will listen to more podcasts in the future
🌟 About 50% of Gen Z and Gen Y consumers (16-40) listen to a podcast at least once a week.
🏆 62% visited the website of a product advertised on a podcast and 25% purchased a product advertised on a podcast.
👌 Gen Z and Gen Y consumers would like to hear podcast ads read by the host rather than a third person

📧 What do consumers want from a promotional e-mail?

🌟 59% would like to get discount codes.
🥳 40% would like to hear about your campaigns.
🆕 35% would like to hear about new products and services.

Access the full report as a PDF here (4,1 MB)

More about the survey

Data were collected in November 2021 from 1002 participants through the Dynata panel, which is representative of Sweden in terms of age, gender, and geography.

The respondents were asked about their perceptions of digital marketing in four areas:

💻General Online Marketing
👍 Social Media Marketing
📧 E-mail Marketing
🎧 Podcast Marketing

The report has been prepared with support from the research grant P20-0279 from Handelsbanken Foundation. The report is not peer-reviewed or published in a scientific journal.

Learn more about the report in the Lund University Research Portal


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