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Students from Lund heading to international case competition

Published: 2015-12-07

The team "Case Closed" from Lund University is heading to Dubai to compete in the final of KPMG International Case Competition.

The team representing Sweden in the KPMG International Case Competition 2015: Niklas Johannesson, Ida Nilros, Erika Gräns and Leonard Bergström. Photo: KPMG, Andreas Hillergren

The KPMG International Case Competition is one of the largest case competitions in the world for economics students. The top eight teams from eight different business schools and universities in Sweden compete every year for the honour of representing Sweden in the international finals. This year it was a team from Lund that, through fierce competition, snagged a place in the finals.

“I don’t think that we’ve fully understood that we won. It felt pretty surreal given the competition we faced. We’re happy with our performance, which makes it extra great that we made it all the way”, says Niklas Johannesson, one of the participants of the winning team.

The Lund team “Case Closed” consists of Erika Gräns, Niklas Johannesson, Ida Nilros and Leonard Bergström, who normally study at the Lund University School of Economics and Management (LUSEM). The team has been working hard for a year at becoming the best at doing casework.

“We started working together about a year ago – mostly for fun to compete in some other competitions, but with our sights set on the KPMG International Case Competition as our ultimate goal. We started individually, but have since continued to develop together with the faculty and the students’ union. We competed in the ‘Öresund Linking Minds’ competition, which was a really good start. We also participated in the ‘Sustainable Business Challenge’ and the ‘Lund University Case Academy’ conference with Ulf Ramberg and Mats Urde from LUSEM. Last but not least, we have practiced on our own, and have had nice fellow students help us by acting as judges”, says Niklas Johannesson.

Next up for the Lund team is the international finals, which this year takes place in Dubai. There the winning team from Lund will have the opportunity to compete against top students from more than 25 countries around the world.

“It feels weird and extremely flattering. We will train hard and make sure to give the other countries a real fight!”, he says.

KPMG says that the interest in this year’s competition has been record breaking, both in Sweden and internationally. In Sweden, over 650 students registered for the local competitions, and eight winning teams qualified for the national finals in Lund.

About the KPMG International Case Competition

The KPMG International Case Competition was founded in Lund in 1998 by KPMG and the economics students’ union, and has since grown to become one of the world’s largest case competitions. The competition is open to economics students at higher education institutions studying at a Bachelor’s or Master’s level.

During the competition, students work in groups and have three hours to solve a task – a “case” – including a 20-minute presentation (25 minutes for the three teams that move on to the final day of the competition), followed by questions from the judges. The participants are highly pressed for time, which requires good teamwork as well as knowledge and ability to utilise each other’s strengths. The focus is also on whether the team manages to sell their idea and convince the jury through their presentation.

The students who won the Sweden finals on 4 December will receive SEK 40 000 and a place in the international finals in Dubai 11–14 April 2016.

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