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The Young Researcher Award to Anna Brattström at School of Economics and Management

Published: 2015-03-27

Photo: Anna Löthman
Researcher at the School of Economics and Management, Anna Brattström, has received the Young Researcher Award, a prestigious prize which has been awarded annually since 2003. The award goes to a researcher who has distinguished him/herself through research in entrepreneurship and the small business area. Founder of the award is Entrepreneurship Forum and the prize money is 150 000.
The motivation for giving the award to Anna:
Anna Brattström got her doctor´s degree in 2014 at Stockholm School of Economics with the thesis "Trust in a Product Development Context: Drivers, Dynamics and Consequences". Brattström has in a very creditable way contributed to better understanding of how trust between business partners affect product development. Product development is also the activity through which most companies are pursuing innovation.
Anna is currently working in the startup phase of a more than two-year research project on innovation and collaboration across corporate boundaries. Innovation is an activity that in one way involves high uncertainty, unpredictability and vulnerability - one should develop something new, something you can´t exactly measure in advance, control or check - while the individuals and organizations involved are obliged to coordinate and interact with each other.