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Thesis defence coming up: Three questions for Parfait Yongabo

Published: 2021-09-21

After completing the doctoral education PhD student Parfait Yongabo will defend his thesis 7 October. Get a quick glimpse of his thesis, experiences and near future.

You are about to defend your thesis-Fostering Knowledge uptake in Emerging Innovation Systems: Enhancing Conditions for Innovation in Rwanda. In short, what is your thesis about?

“In my thesis, I explore how efforts to foster knowledge uptake are organized to support innovation and development in emerging innovation systems. I do that by analysing how building National Innovation Systems and associated policy initiatives can enable interactive learning for innovation and development in developing countries, Rwanda as a case. The thesis portrays the policy initiatives and institutional frameworks that have been introduced (so far) to foster knowledge production and its use which is aimed at addressing the needs and challenges that Rwandan society currently faces. From the Rwandan case, I argue that building efficient innovation systems and associated policy instruments to foster knowledge uptake should take into account contextual peculiarities, particularly research capacity, resources endowment, industrial capability (and development) and actors’ relations.“

In three words, how would you describe your years as a PhD student at LUSEM?




What are you up to now?

“My plans include continuing my academic and research career. I am looking for funding for a post-doc, which I believe is a good opportunity for my research career progression. I also aim for engaging with international development actors for contributing to the advancement of STI policy and related studies in the context of developing countries.“

Thank you, Parfait! Wishing you all the best!

More about Parfait

Parfait is a PhD student in Research Policy at Department of Business Administration, LUSEM.

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About Parfait's defence

Parfait’s “Spikning“

Parfait traditionally nailed his thesis during the “Spikning“ ceremony 23 September in the Blue Hall in EC3 at LUSEM.