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2021-09-21 Explaining Public Management on a broad scale
2021-09-10 Entrepreneurship as a social process
2021-06-30 Can welfare systems remain in a society without growth?
2021-06-09 Anna Brattström received the runner up for the ”best paper award”
2021-05-02 Thesis defence coming up: Three questions for Tanya Kolyaka
2021-04-19 Thesis defence coming up: Three questions for Anna Stevenson
2021-03-23 Thesis defence coming up: Three questions for Louise Klintner
2021-03-08 Centrum kommenterar: Why is it so hard to stop shopping?
2021-03-08 Wellness Weeks: Feeling well at LUSEM and at home
2021-03-05 Meet our new Postdoc Johannes Gartner!
2021-02-17 Leadership Academy: Learning in a challenging context
2021-02-05 Meet our new Postdoc Zahida Sarwary!
2021-02-05 Mats Urde is Outstanding Case Teacher 2021
2021-02-04 Alumnus helps business ideas become reality in São Paulo
2021-01-14 Workshops coming up on accelerating growth in your life science company
2020-12-21 Winter reading - enjoy our latest publications!
2020-12-15 Meet the new management team at LUSEM: ”We are a strong team!”
2020-12-14 Slavica Singer recipient of EEEA 2021
2020-11-17 Former Master’s students finalists in the national thesis competition Nytt&Nyttigt!
2020-11-05 Mentors make students grow as entrepreneurs and people
2020-10-22 Sustainability met entrepreneurship in a joint session
2020-10-16 Better policies can support refugee entrepreneurship
2020-09-28 Master’s in International Strategic Management ranked among the world’s best management programmes
2020-09-24 New article published on the development of research on pedagogy in entrepreneurial education
2020-09-22 Predicting foreign exchange rates – a hopeless business that serious corporations should avoid