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Research grants

Research Services at Lund University offer researchers and research teams support and help on issues concerning external research funding. On their webpage you can find a list of research funders and more information about the Swedish funders with special requirements for central management.

At LUSEM Staff Pages, we have listed a selection of funders of particular interest for researchers at the School of Economics and Management.

How to apply

For more information on rules and regulations regarding the application process, please visit Grant applications.


Postdoctoral stipend in Entrepreneurial Finance

The foundation "Entrepreneurship in Lund" announces a three-year postdoc stipend within entrepreneurship.

We are looking for a postdoctoral researcher with research experience and an interest in:

  1. innovative forms of finance for new and small firms such as Crowdfunding, Initial Coin Offerings as well as alternative informal forms of finance, and/or
  2. entrepreneurship and ownership/corporate governance: the role that small firms’ ownership plays on the financing strategy firms decide to implement (mix of Capital and Debt as well as the selection of different providers of Equity and Debt).

The position connects to ongoing research at the Department that focuses on the role of ownership and management in financing new and small firms by exploring the owners’/managers’ interest in the different sources of finance.

Application deadline: 15th August 2020

More information and how to apply (pdf)


Anders Nyström, responsible for external grants 


Postdoctoral stipend in Entrepreneurial Finance

Dr. Andrea Moro

Dr. Joakim Winborg