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According to the students...

some words about being a student at the school

A whole bunch of students, a lot of questions and a vivacious discussion….and the result is worth passing on!

Master students 2014 at graduation together with their teacher Veronika Tarnovskaya. Photo: Anna Löthman

To meet with students during their last weeks of master studies in marketing is a rewarding experience. Ambitious, skilled students and eager to express their opinion. Of course we didn´t want to miss the opportunity to get a picture of these students’ impressions and thoughts. Expressed with one word or sentence each we got an interesting and appealing picture of being a student at School of Economics and Management:

Key words about being a student at the school

  • Challenging!
  • Respect towards students.
  • Nice activities with Lundaekonomerna.
  • Opportunities.
  • Progress.
  • Competitive.
  • Creative.

About the programmes Globalisation, Brands and Consumption and

International Marketing and Brand Management

Smart teachers. Complete. Different. Awesome guest teachers. Practical, fun and modern. Balanced. Innovative. Learning by doing. Passionate teachers. Hands-on. Exciting and fun. A new way of learning. Good mix of theory and practice.

Soon after this the graduation came and the students went on, starting a new exciting journey. Read more about some of these students and about what they are up to today, here

Thank you master students of 2014 and good luck!

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