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Course administration

Below you find contact details of the course and programme administration at the Department of Business administration:  


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Courses at Master’s level in Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Strategic management and the courses at basic level
Caroline Fredskilde
Phone:+ 46(0)46-222 78 25

Courses at Master’s level at Accounting and Finance, Management and Organization
Tomas Nilsson       
Phone:+ 46(0)46-222 42 88

Courses at first cycle level, undergraduate level (31–60 credits) 
Josefine Kettner
Phone:+ 46(0)46-222 78 04

Programme, Bachelor level

Bachelor’s programme in International Business

Madeleine Forsberg
Phone: +46(0)46-222 97 49

Bachelor’s programme in Business Administration and Economics (Coordinator)
Pernilla Honoré
Phone:+ 46(0)46-222 02 86

Bachelor’s programme in Business Administration and Economics (Programme administrator)
Katalin Orban
Tel.046-222 79 22

Programmes, Master’s level 

MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation 

Maria Pihel
Phone: +46(0)46-222 37 79

MSc in Management
MSc in Managing People, Knowledge and Change 

Ann-Marie Kellner
Phone: +46(0)46-222 42 79

MSc in Accounting and Finance,
MSc in International Marketing and Brand Management,
MSc in International Strategic Management

Nina Willén
Phone:+46(0)46-222 41 32

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Academic advisors
Josefina Backman
Pernilla Honoré
Igor Plicanic
Phone: +46(0)46-222 46 46

Coordinators, programmes
Information and contact

Reception and exams office
Tomas Sjö
Phone: +46(0)46-222 46 47

Administrative manager
Ina Skanung Larsson 
Phone: +46(0)46-222 78 35

Director of studies
Hans Knutsson
Phone: +46(0)46-222 78 60

The administrative staff at Department of Business Administration