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Charlotta Levay

Photo: Katalin Orban


”My goal is that students discover connections between research and practice”


Charlotta Levay, associate professor in business administration, specializing in organization and leadership, teaches at the Department of Business Administration since 2008 at all levels: the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels. This semester (spring 2015) Charlotta is working as professor, course coordinator, and thesis supervisor.

Charlotta Levay’s research has focused on organization and leadership for more than 15 years. Her PhD is from Uppsala where she in 2003 defended her thesis, a case study of hospital departments and physicians' professional identity, Medicinsk specialisering och läkares ledarskap: En longitudinell studie i professionell kollegialitet och konkurrens [Medical Specialization and Phy­si­cian Leadership: A Longitudinal Study in Professional Collegiality and Competition]. A large number of articles and book chapters have followed, including the acclaimed article ‘Charismatic Leadership in resistance to change’ in the journal The Leadership Quarterly, 2010.

The students at Charlotta Levay’s courses meet not only a productive and experienced professor, but also a researcher with much more than teaching and authoring experiences: Charlotta has on several occasions been handpicked to a number of external assignments. For example, in 2012 the Future Commission and the government asked Charlotta to investigate challenges to social justice and cohesion, which resulted in the comprehensive report Framtida utmaningar för sammanhållning och rättvisa [Future Challenges to Social Cohesion and Justice]. A year later, Charlotta went to the US as a Harkness Fellow in Health Care Policy and Practice, and got the opportunity to be a guest researcher for a year at Harvard Medical School in Boston.

– Teaching prepares you for many important challenges, says Charlotta who thinks that the best thing about teaching is meeting with students and designing courses. She continues: – Everything I have done has actually been about linking research and practice. I want students to discover such connections and feel that their studies are meaningful. When I have worked with management development programmes for example at EFL, I have seen how theory and practice can cross-fertilize each other. This is valuable and I can use it when teaching students, says Charlotta who is also trained in case teaching and believes that learning becomes more fun with case activities.

New challenges are waiting: Teaching and supervision throughout the spring and new exciting research questions. Charlotta Levay is part of a large ongoing research programme at Lund University, running for six years. The programme, Vetenskap och Beprövad Erfarenhet [Science and Proven Experience] where researchers from Sweden, USA and UK are partners, is interdisciplinary. The aim is to develop tools for the examination of evidence, with direct bearing on governance and scrutiny of professional practice.

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