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Clara Gustafsson

Photo: Anna Löthman


”It is a privilege!”

Clara Gustafsson is a Senior Lecturer in Marketing at the Department of Business Administration since 2011. After defending her Doctoral dissertation at the Department of Business Administration, Stockholm University, in 2008 Clara has conducted research both in Sweden and abroad. For example, she was a guest researcher at the University of Exeter Business School – made possible through scholarships. Giving guest lectures at other universities is valuable. "Spending time in another academic environment – learning the language more in depth, gaining a new perspective, and linking valuable contacts which would probably not have been possible to attain elsewhere – has been a rewarding experience," says Clara.

As a teacher and researcher at LUSEM/School of Economics and Management, Clara teaches at the undergraduate, Bachelor and advanced levels, supervises essays, acts as an examiner, and conducts research in Business Administration, and especially in Marketing. Examples of focus areas are interaction between the consumer and the brand, trust in brands, and sonic branding. The research on sonic branding looks into how the consumer responds to music, for example in stores.

Clara would like the students to experience that the Marketing topic turns more exciting over time, as they discover just what the long-term benefits of knowing some of the fundamental models in Marketing are. Teaching can be made more interesting in a number of ways: ”I like to work with cases. Even at the basic level, elementary cases can be used successfully. Student groups can each be made responsible for a separate case, and teach it to the rest of the class based on their independent analysis using the course literature. It gives inspiration for their own reading, just like the lectures do," says Clara.

As a teacher and Head of Course, Clara gets to meet a large numbers of students.
"It's amazing to see that so many are interested in the subject! Of course I get very motivated when I meet all the students finding my research area – Marketing – interesting,” says Clara. “Teaching at LUSEM is a privilege!"

Further reading

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