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Lund University School of Economics and Management

Matts Kärreman

Photo: Katalin Orban


"I would like all students to feel present and visible."


Matts Kärreman works as a senior lecturer in Business Administration at Lund University School of Economics and Management, LUSEM.

Matts defended his thesis at the School in 1999 and has been faithful to LUSEM since then. Being a teacher is stimulating and interesting thanks to constantly recurring new challenges. As a teacher, supervisor and programme director, Matts meets many students at all levels. At the moment Matts is in charge of five PhD students and as a Programme director Matts is responsible for the newly started (in 2016) MSc International Strategic Management programme. Another important mission is the role as Deputy Head of Department for the Strategy and Research Policy field.

"As a programme director I try to get the whole picture. I am the one that the students often address their questions and views and it's important to try and help them out and build a trust in a good way. To meet the students and follow them during their academic year is rewarding, most of them come from other countries, out of 40 programme students around 8 of them come from Sweden", says Matts. "I would like all students to feel present and visible".

"I enjoy being a teacher and actually enter the lecture hall smiling, and keep smiling as I leave as well".  

Research and writing books is another stimulating part of Matt's professional life. Recurring themes in the books and articles are organization, management, decision making, structure and systems and corporate governance.
"It's about understanding things in order to communicate them. In all social science research it's about communication. Colleagues are also important to me, within the teacher team and research as well".

What is important to communicate and teach the students? For Matts it is important to reflect, reduce fact-resistance, criticize, and to ask questions.

Later this spring the students at MSc International Strategic Management will graduate. What does their prospect look like?
"I am convinced that they will get really good jobs. Financial managers, corporate executives, high levels of business, decision makers and action-oriented analysts".

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