Department of Business Administration

Lund University School of Economics and Management

Niklas Sandell

Photo: Katalin Orban


“Very useful with practical experience for teaching accounting.”


Niklas Sandell, Senior Lecturer at Department of Business Administration, has been teaching accounting and business administration since he was a PhD in the beginning of 2000s. NIklas started out as a student here at LUSEM and since then his career as moved forward through business work, licentiate thesis in Linköping, doctoral dissertation in Lund and soon four books in total. Niklas is a teacher, supervisor, researcher, author and educator at both KEFU and EFL and he believes that this combination makes his job so interesting. Not least, writing literature on accounting is rewarding: – It's very stimulating having to explain something in an understandable way.

There's no doubt Niklas is passionate about accounting but: – Even if accounting plays a very important role I am very fond of collaboration with researchers from other research areas, as in an ongoing study including accounting, marketing and language, says Niklas.

The practical experience that Niklas got working at different companies as controller, accounter and investigator is of great benefit when he teaches since it enables him to add reality to theory. – Listening to the interesting arguments of the students and the feedback I get from them is the best thing about teaching! Niklas says.