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student at the department of business administration

Anneka Hooijsma, student with a career before graduation

Anneka from the Netherlands, student at the Department of Business Administration and LUSEM since August 2013.

Being a student at the Globalization, Brands and Consumption programme seems like a good starting point for further career, at least based on Annekas story. Anneka got, although she hadn’t even graduated yet, recently a job as a marketing coordinator at Mitsubishi in Almere

 Fun and open environment that provides valuable experience, Anneka says about being a student at Department of Business Administration.

Advice to a future student?   

  There is a lot of opportunities for great education, career and networking provided for you so be open minded and dont be afraid of the challenges!, says Anneka who got her masters degree June 3d, 2014. 

And today...

June 2015 Anneka Hooijsma is working as a Marketing Coordinator at Mitsubishi Turbocharger and Engine Europe.