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student at the department of business administration

Niklas Milesi, studied Globalization, Brands and Consumption

Niklas, half-French and half-Swedish, student at the Department of Business Administration and LUSEM since August 2013.
Very pleased with his year in Lund, studying the Globalization, Brands and Consumption programme, Niklas can conclude that his stay has been a great one! 
The best about it?
The cooperation between students and teachers, the interesting guest lectures and great group works. Niklas also found several very good opportunities for stimulating activities and mentions the ”eee-dagarna” (the career fair of the faculty) as one example. 
Advice to a future student?   
 Select Lund!, Niklas exclaims. This is a really nice university, you won´t get lost in the crowd and the student life is a peak! You can easily find a lot to do, you can for example get involved in Lundaekonomerna and there is also a bunch of pleasant activities during your days off. 
Regarding studies at the department: Great possibilities to achieve more, to go further all the way, Niklas says, who graduated at master level June 3d, 2014.  
And today...

Since June 2015 Niklas Milesi is employed as a Global Marketing Assistant at The Absolut Company.