Department of Business Administration

Lund University School of Economics and Management


student at the department of business administration

Nina Olsen: ”Interesting Accounting studies with an international character.” 

Nina from Sweden, student at the Department of Business Administration and LUSEM since August 2013.

Nina has studied accounting at Department of Business Administration and got her master’s degree recently in Accounting and Management Control. Nina, very pleased with the education, completed the programme while she worked as a Senior Accountant. 

With being a student at the department Nina is very satisfied:
– Interesting and talented people from around the world. On this type of courses it is instructive to meet students from other countries with different experiences since companies often are global. 
Nina talks about the teachers who lectured in an interesting way, available mentors and the positive effects with guest lecturers from the business world. 

Any advice to future students? 

Spend some time getting to know all the new people you meet. Be prepared to spend time on studies and don’t be surprised if you suddenly have less free time! Try to organize well, plan and structure, then it will go just fine, says Nina who also recommends all students to get involved with LundaEkonomerna and their events.