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Yaqian Wang

Yaqian Wang disputerade den 28 februari 2014. Här berättar hon om sig själv och sin forskning. För att läsa avhandlingen, klicka på länken till höger.

I came from China and started my PhD study at Institute of Economic Research, Department of Business Administration in August 2009. Before coming to Lund, I studied in Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China, where I got both my bachelor degree in business administration and master degree in applied psychology.

In my doctoral dissertation “Inside the Box – Cultures of Innovation in a Mature Industry”, I explore the concept of “innovation culture” – a concept usually seen as self-explanatory and taken as given – and answer the research question: “How does organizational culture influence innovation?”. Through a single case study at three subsidiaries of SCA Packaging in Europe, my thesis opens the black box of innovation culture and reveals the mechanism of the culture-innovation relationship, explaining how culture’s influence on innovation takes place. I suggest that in order to think outside the box to be innovative, first we need to know what is inside the box.