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Capitalism’s Dark Complexion: Theorizing Race, Markets and Identity


Welcome to a seminar with Pushkala Prasad, Professor at Skidmore.

Admirers and critics of capitalism remain equally colorblind in their failure to acknowledge the centrality of race in the development of global capitalism. This paper tries to rectify this oversight by examining how race inflects economic interactions and institutions in the strongest possible way, be it in trade, manufacturing, employment relations, extraction of natural resources, labor and investment flows, and rules governing property. Pushkala Prasad will be drawing on Pierre Bourdieu and the work of critical legal scholars to argue that certain racial identities function as forms of symbolic capital and status property, thereby influencing the trajectory of capitalism in a significantly racialized direction. The paper is interdisciplinary in its scope and brings together voices from sociology, economic history, cultural studies and legal studies to make these arguments.

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23 september 2019


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