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Current issues in research ethics


Welcome to a seminar with Linus Broström, PhD, section for Medical Ethics, Department of Clinical Sciences at Lund University.

In an effort to further improve our PhD programmes and to strengthen our role as supervisors, LUSEM organizes a series of seminars related to PhD supervision. The seminar series should be viewed as continued training beyond the compulsory supervision course, and an excellent opportunity to meet other supervisors at LUSEM and share both success stories and difficult situations.

At this seminar, Linus Broström will

  • briefly describe the (soon) compulsory PhD course in research ethics at Lund University
  • outline some recent legal developments bearing on research ethical issues 
  • bring up for discussion a few issues that researchers and supervisors would do well to pay special attention to
  • answer questions from participants, on any issue in the field of research ethics

Please register here by 30 September 2020.

With a background in philosophy, Linus Broström is a lecturer and researcher at the Department of Clinical Sciences, the section for Medical Ethics. His interests within the field of bioethics are varied, but his research focus is on surrogate decision-making for decisionally incapacitated individuals, in health care and research.

5 oktober 2020


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