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Responsible internationalization


Welcome to a seminar with Tommy Shih, Associate Professor in Marketing at LUSEM.

In an effort to further improve our PhD programmes and to strengthen our role as supervisors, LUSEM organizes a series of seminars related to PhD supervision. The seminar series should be viewed as continued training beyond the compulsory supervision course, and an excellent opportunity to meet other supervisors at LUSEM and share both success stories and difficult situations.

The Swedish academic landscape is much more international today than it was a decade ago. Today researchers from a larger number of countries are participating in producing high-quality research and the mobility of students and researchers is increasing which offers many opportunities. However, with this development researchers at Swedish universities are also facing an increasingly intensive debate about strategies, values and ethical considerations involved in international cooperation. This seminar focuses on responsible internationalization, which refers to the need to manage a broad portfolio of different conditions and goals in order to meaningfully work across borders in the long term. Main issues that will be touched upon relates to research activities outside of Sweden as well as internationalization at home.

If you wish to attend, please register here by 7 December.

Tommy Shih is an Associate Professor in Marketing at LUSEM. His research and teaching focuses on research policy and on business networks and innovation. He is also a Policy director at STINT and advises funding agencies and universities on matters related to internationalization.

14 december 2020