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Meet our new Postdoc Zahida Sarwary!

Publicerad: 2021-02-05

She is a researcher in Entrepreneurial Finance where she will be exploring the determinants e.g., ownership and corporate governance on the financing strategy that firms decides to implement.

Zahida Sarwary, our new Postdoc since February 2021. Photo: Högskolan Kristianstad

Hello Zahida Sarwary!

What brought you to Lund University and Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship?

I did my PhD studies at Lund University and had a really good experience. During my PhD studies, I participated at the research seminars organized by SKJCE and found it active and stimulating. I would say that I associate SKJCE as the center with the most engaged researchers that I came across at the University. 

Tell us about your new job/position! What are you expectations?

As a Postdoctoral researcher in Entrepreneurial Finance, I will mainly be exploring the determinants (e.g., ownership/corporate governance) on the financing strategy that firms decides to implement. I expect to conduct high quality research that will be useful for practice and to optimize this great opportunity to learn from experienced researchers at SKJCE. 

What is your background?

I have a background in finance with an emphasis on corporate and managerial finance. I have previously (since 2012) been a full-time lecturer at Kristianstad University for students in Banking and Finance. I started my PhD studies late 2015 and received my degree in 2019. During my PhD studies I continued working as a lecturer part-time. After completing my PhD in corporate finance at Lund University i continued working full-time as an assistant professor at Kristianstad University. I have now decided to return to Lund University as a postdoctoral researcher!

Tell us something surprising about yourself!

I have a weak spot for stock trading, my close social network always asks me to point out stocks to invest in. The answer is always the same: it is not so simple. When I don’t do research I write on my beginners guide to stock trading.  

To get in touch with Zahida, email: