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New PhD course on Digital Monies for a Sustainable Future

Publicerad: 2020-03-02

Apply now! The course runs from April 14 to June 16.

Lund University – PhD course ”Digital Monies for a Sustainable Future” within the Agenda 2030 Graduate School

The global financial crisis of 2008 marked the beginning of an intense discussion on the consequences of our monetary system on the organization of our societies. The concentration of wealth in “the one percent” in parallel to austerity policies, the increase of prices of financial assets parallel to a retrenchment of the welfare state have resulted in a generalised realisation that the monetary system has not been serving the interests of the population as a whole. 

At the same time, new technological and financial developments are giving rise to much experimentation on new forms of money. This PhD course looks at how the new technologies are re-thinking money and how monetary entrepreneurs are re-organising the production and circulation of money. It explores opportunities for addressing big societal challenges and asks in particular how new forms of money can contribute to developing more just and equal societies. To understand these new digital monies, the course uses theories from the subfields of organisation studies, innovation and entrepreneurship, and STS (science and technology studies).

The course is taught under the Agenda 2030 Graduate School at Lund University, Sweden. It is the result of a collaboration between the School of Engineering and the School of Economics and Management.

Find more information on the doctoral course here.

Apply now!

Apply by email to Charlina Lunvald, Doctoral programme coordinator:

Course details

Time: 14 April - 16 June 2020

Course coordinator: Ester Barinaga (

Course registration: send an e-mail to Charlina Lunvald (
Last day to apply: 27 March 2020

Location: The course is held at the School of Economics and Management in Lund.