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Summer reading - enjoy our latest publications!

Publicerad: 2020-06-23


Your additional summer reading on entrepreneurship and innovation!

Solomon Akele Abebe

Chapter in book on “Taking stock and moving forward in research on refugee entrepreneurship: A systematic review of the current field and future research directions”.

Ester Barinaga

Quang Evansluong

Special issue call for papers on “Migrant Entrepreneurship Beyond Place and Space: A Call to Explore the Roles of Family Across Borders and Contexts. Journal of Enterprising Communities: People and Places in the Global Economy”.

Ziad El-Awad

Article on “From individuals to the organization: A transactive memory system perspective on multilevel entrepreneurial learning”.

Claudio Fassio

Gustav Hägg

Vivek Kumar Sundriyal

Paper in conference proceeding on “Organizational Managers and their Returns from Entrepreneurship on Re-Entry into Paid Employment: Evidence from the Science & Technology Labor Force (STLF) in Sweden”.

Hans Landström

Juan Ocampo

Jasna Poček 

Blog article on “COVID-19: Social Entrepreneurship”.

Sotaro Shibayama

Article on ”Measuring originality in science”.

Anna Stevensson

Article on ““Gender” and “innovation” in facility management: do they matter?”.

Caroline Wigren