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We are looking for an entrepreneurship researcher!

Publicerad: 2019-12-06

Announcement of Postdoc stipend

Postdoc stipend in Entrepreneurship

We are seeking a highly motivated researcher in entrepreneurship studies, with a deep interest and specialization in academic and university-based entrepreneurship. The candidate should also be familiar with qualitative research methods.

The postdoctoral candidate will work within the research project “The role and impact of entrepreneurship graduates in the Lund University entrepreneurial ecosystem”, coordinated by Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship.

The project seeks to advance the broader economic and social impact of entrepreneurship graduates with a particular focus on why and how entrepreneurship graduates engage with the entrepreneurship program, the business school, as well as extra-curricular activities surrounding the university, and how this engagement impacts on enterprising and innovation activities in the university-based entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Application deadline: 10 januari 2020

More information here (PDF)



For further information about the research project, please contact Professor Diamanto Politis: