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LUSEM teachers awarded by the students

Published: 2018-12-21

During late autumn no less than two teachers at LUSEM received prestigious awards. Nadja Sörgärde, Senior Lecturer at Department of Business Administration, received the Students' award for excellent teaching efforts 2019 and Amanda Sonnerfeldt, also at Department of Business Administration as Senior Lecturer, received the award Teacher of the year at LUSEM.

Students' award for excellent teaching efforts

The students' award for excellent teaching efforts 2019 (Studenternas pris för utmärkta lärarinsatser 2019) went to Nadja Sörgärde, Senior Lecturer at Department of Business Administration. It is the Vice-chancellor who appoints the award winner of this prestigious educational prize of Lund University which is based on nominations submitted by the student unions at the University. The prize is awarded for outstanding efforts in the education.

The award gives teachers and other employees at Lund University recognition for development work that has helped to strengthen the quality of education. By paying attention to such efforts, the teachers can also be known beyond their own course or education, thus contributing to spreading good examples of educational work.

The winner receives a diploma, as well as a salary increase. In addition, a contribution of SEK 25,000 is paid to the department in order to enable the prize winner to go on study trips.

Congratulations, Nadja! How does it feel to receive this award?

"I feel incredibly happy and proud of this great award!" says Nadja.
"I have always felt that teaching is fun and exciting. When I meet the students I often feel assured that my work is important. Now, thanks to this award, I have received numerous of congratulations and positive response from my colleagues and that really warms my heart. Above all, I am pleased when pedagogy is put on the agenda. I really hope that we can continue to talk about the value of strong pedagogical efforts - there are many at School of Economics and Management who make significant contributions and are deserved to be paid more attention!"

How will the Teacher of the year award inspire you in your forthcoming teaching?  

"The award inspires me to continue on the path that I have entered, to work in close dialogue with the students and in different ways create the best possible conditions for promoting learning and in-depth understanding."

Nadja will receive her award at the solemn ceremony "Lunds universitets årshögtid" (The annual celebration at Lund University) 25 January. The event is open to everyone. Learn more

Teacher of the year at LUSEM

Every year, the Education Committee of Lundaekonomerna awards one teacher at LUSEM with the prestigious award as the Teacher of the year. Students can nominate their favourite teacher in the annual Speak Up Days survey, and based on the outcome, the Education Committee appoints the Teacher of the year. The teacher receiving the prize is invited to Vinterbalen where the winner gets announced. This year’s winner was Amanda Sonnerfeldt, Senior lecturer at the Department of Business Administration.  
Congratulations, Amanda! How does it feel to receive this award?

"I am humbled and honoured to receive this heartwarming recognition. I would like to thank Lundaekonomerna for this award and express my gratitude to my colleagues for their support and my teachers and students who have been such an inspiration."
How will the Teacher of the year award inspire you in your forthcoming teaching?  

"Receiving this award has really made me reflect on the broader moral and social purpose of education as well as its power to transform societies. More practically speaking, how our day-to-day teaching and other work routines can better contribute to achieving the mission, vision and goals of LUSEM. Providing a good knowledge foundation and nurturing critical analytical and thinking skills to meet society’s challenges are important. However, they are by no means easy to put in practice or to measure.

I am inspired to continue providing students a good understanding of accounting as a social and institutional practice and will continue to encourage students to question and look at things from different perspectives within and between disciplines. I hope to inspire within our students the passion to learn, the quality of mind to unlearn, and to challenge contemporary wisdom and the taken for granted notions of today", Amanda concludes.

the winners

Nadja Sörgärde.
Photo: Johan Bävman

Amanda Sonnerfeldt.
Photo: Christian Andersson/ Apelöga