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New programme hits top five at first shot

Published: 2014-01-21

MSc in Management premieres as the fifth most applied for master's programme in Sweden according to annual statistics.

Lund University School of Economics and Management’s (LUSEM) new programme Master’s in Management soared up as the fifth most applied for master’s degree programme in Sweden, according to admission statistics for the upcoming autumn semester. Quite an achievement considering it premieres this coming autumn. 

The annual statistics from the Swedish Council for Higher Education for the autumn of 2014 shows that LUSEM in general is a popular choice for studying a master’s degree in Sweden.

The achievement of the year must go to LUSEM's Master's in Management, which launches this autumn semester and premieres as Sweden's fifth most applied for master’s degree programme, with a total of 648 applicants from all around the world.

- The fact that this new programme has so many applicants supports our estimation. There is great interest in this type of master’s programme that offers a business degree to people with an undergraduate degree outside the field of Business and Economics. It also shows that we have succeeded in building a good reputation when it comes to our international master’s degrees, says Fredrik Andersson, Dean of the School of Economics and Management. 

LUSEM’s master’s programmes attract students from all over the world. On the list of the 25 most applied master’s programmes for the autumn semester of 2014 are nine programmes from Lund University – whereof six of them belong to LUSEM.

For the fifth consecutive year, Sweden's most popular master’s programme also belongs to LUSEM: International Marketing and Brand Management. With 970 applicants for 50 open seats it is the most sought after master’s programme in Sweden.

Admission statistics for all master programmes for the semester "MASTERHT14" is published on

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