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Recent Publications


November 2018

The KNOWSCIENCE research group published a special issue in Studies in Higher Education under the title Promoting innovative higher education and research policies: major forces and barriers. “This special issue focuses on how changes in the Higher Education and Research (HER) landscape, such as new funding instruments and the increasing use of ranking schemes, come to influence the informal rules and processes that HER organizations have developed for ensuring the validity and quality of their knowledge."

The full articles are available here.

July 2018

Sarah de Rijcke and co-authors published an article entitled Portfolios of Worth. Capitalizing on Basic and Clinical Problems in Biomedical Research Groups in the journal of Science, Technology, & Human Values. The authors argue that "the metaphor of the portfolio is helpful in analyzing how group leaders manage [...] different research lines as 'alternative investment options' from which they were variously hoping to capitalize."

Read the article here.

October 2017

Tomas Hellström and Merle Jacob published Policy instrument affordances: a framework for analysis in the journal of Policy Studies. The article proposes a framework for analysing policy instruments based on the the concept of technological efficacy derived from ecological psychology and design studies. 

The complete article is available here.

March 2017

Devrim Göktepe-Hultén co-published an article entitled Risk attitudes, patenting and invention disclosures by academic researchers. The paper, which "examines the effect of risk attitudes on innovation behavior of academic researchers", was published in the The Journal of Technology Transfer.

More details are available here.

August 2016

Devrim Göktepe-Hultén co-authored a study investigating the modes of collobation initiated and managed by firm employees versus by university scientists. The article entitled Who instigates university–industry collaborations? University scientists versus firm employees was published in Small Business Economics.

Read more about the article here.

June 2016

Niilo Kauppi contributed a chapter entitled Ranking and the Structuration of a Transnational Field of Higher Education to the book A European Politics of Education: Perspectives from sociology, policy studies and politics. "This chapter explores the transnational governance of higher education (HE) by focusing on the production and uses of ranking lists of universities and more broadly higher education institutions (HEI)." 

More information about the book can be accessed here.

March 2016

Merle Jacob published a new article in Minerva with co-author Carin Håkansta. The article is entitled Mode 2 and the Tension Between Excellence and Utility: The Case of a Policy-Relevant Research Field in Sweden. The article “investigates the impact of changing science policy doctrines on the development of an academic field, working life research.”

More details are available here.

February 2016

Duncan Thomas co-authored a new article in Minerva, under the title The ‘Negotiated Space’ of University Researchers’ Pursuit of a Research Agenda. "The paper introduces the concept of a ‘negotiated space’ to describe university researchers’ attempts to balance pragmatically, continually and dynamically over time, their own agency and autonomy in the selection of research topics and pursuit of scientific research to filter out the explicit steering and tacit signals of external research funding agencies and university strategies and policies.” 

Read the article here.

February 2016

Alexander Rushforth published a review of chapter All or nothing? Debating the role of evaluative bibliometrics in the research system, from the edited book Bibliometrics: Use and abuse in the review of research performance.

The review was published in Research Evaluation and can be accessed here.

January 2016

Sarah de Rijcke and Alexander Rushforth published Evaluation practices and effects of indicator use—a literature review in the Research Evaluation journal, with co-authors Paul Wouters, Thomas Franssen, and Björn Hammarfelt. The article reviews “the international literature on evaluation systems, evaluation practices, and metrics (mis)uses”.

Read more about the article here.